Khybee Krafts Wraps/Knots

Khybee Krafts' wraps and knots are both functional and fun! They are each made from buttery soft, sturdy fabrics chosen thoughtfully just for you and your little one! All of our wraps are hand tied with no uncomfortable knot leaving indentions on your sweet little one's head! We can do twist wraps for mom to match, wraps with a big bow (typically 5 inches, but can customize to your liking!), turbans, and our most popular, TOP KNOTS! We have added in some new popular styles such as our Massive Shredded wraps and messy bows! With so many styles to choose from, there's something for each and every person here at Khybee Krafts!

To check out our bows and piggies CLICK HERE.

*Do not leave your littles alone while wearing any of our products. All products must be worn with adult supervision.