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Khybee Krafts Product Safety

Here at Khybee Krafts, SAFETY is a top concern of ours. It is important to us that our sweet babies look and feel ASTONISHING, but never at the expense of their safety. Please use caution and common sense while using our products. Never leave baby or young child alone while wearing our bows/wraps, even while napping or on car rides, especially rear facing where you cannot see your baby. These can easily get pulled down around baby's neck and cause a choking hazard. 

KK uses compliant hardware for our clips, but they can still cause a choking hazard as they can be very small. Please take all clips off of your baby during car rides, while napping, and any time they will not be under full adult supervision. We thank you for doing everything you can to keep your little(s) safe and fabulous!

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